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From Middle High German balc, from Old High German balg, from Proto-West Germanic *balgi.

Words for inflated objects are often used to refer to children; compare western German Panz (child), which is related with Pansen (rumen).


  • IPA(key): /balk/
  • IPA(key): /balç/ (northern and central Germany; now chiefly colloquial)
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -alk


Balg m (genitive Balgs or Balges, plural Bälge or Balge)

  1. (hunting) the hide of a small animal, such as a fox, hare, or bird, which is pulled off as one
  2. (technology) short for Blasebalg (bellows), used especially with musical instruments, such as the accordion
  3. (botany) follicle

Derived terms[edit]


Balg n or m (genitive Balgs or Balges, plural Bälger)

  1. brat (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)
    Synonym: Göre

Usage notes[edit]

  • Usually neuter in this sense.

Derived terms[edit]