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Alternative forms[edit]


  • (Germany) IPA(key): /bɪlˈjɛt/
  • (Austria) IPA(key): /biˈjeː/, /bɪˈlɛt/, /biˈjɛt/
  • (Switzerland) IPA(key): /ˈbɪlɛt/, /biˈleːt/, /biˈlɛt/


From French billet


Billett n ‎(genitive Billetts or Billettes, plural Billetts or Billette)

  1. (current in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, archaic in Austria, dated elsewhere) ticket (for a train, plane or other means of transportation)
  2. (current in Switzerland, archaic in Austria, dated elsewhere) ticket (for a concert, show, etc.)
  3. (Switzerland, informal) driving licence
  4. (archaic outside Austria) a brief piece of writing; a short informal letter; billet
  5. (archaic outside Austria) correspondance card, greeting card


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