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From Middle High German brātwurst, from Old High German brātwurst. The term originally denoted a sausage (Wurst) made of Brät (Old High German brāto), but has come to be used for a sausage that is fried or is suited to being fried (braten). Kluge suggests the modern word might be a conflation of those two etymologies rather than a derivation of only the first one.[1]


  • IPA(key): /ˈbʀaːtvʊʁst/
  • (file)


Bratwurst f (genitive Bratwurst, plural Bratwürste)

  1. a sausage which has been or is suited to be fried or grilled; a bratwurst
    Zum Abendessen gab es gestern Bratwurst.—“Yesterday there was bratwurst for dinner.”
  2. (now only regional) a smoked sausage, made of raw Brät, which is eaten cold or cooked in water
    • 2010, Kommunikation für Europa II: Sprache und Identität, page 119:
      Es gibt auch die geräucherte Bratwurst, die kalt verzehrt wird, sowie weitere Sorten.


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