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Borrowed from German Bratwurst. The word is partly from braten (to fry) + Wurst (sausage), and partly from an older Middle High German brātwurst, in which brāt is an unrelated word meaning “ground meat” (compare German Brät). In modern German, the term Bratwurst is used almost exclusively for sausages fried or to be fried.


bratwurst (countable and uncountable, plural bratwursts)

  1. A small pork sausage, usually served fried.
    Yesterday we had bratwurst for dinner.
    • 2012, Lindsey Galloway, ( A German enclave in central Texas
      For just-right spiced bratwurst and sausage, try Opa’s Smoked Meats, a family-owned shop that uses original German recipes passed down the generations and always has samples on hand. Finish off any meal with a stop at Chocolat, one of the few chocolate shops in the US that uses a classic European technique known as “liqueur praliné”, where a delicate sugar casting encases liquor, espresso, wine or other liquid fillings. The casting is then covered in chocolate to make a confection that must be eaten whole, lest the encased liquid come dribbling out.

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bratwurst m or (rare) f (plural bratwürste or bratwursts or bratwurst)

  1. bratwurst (a small pork sausage)



bratwurst m (plural bratwursts)

  1. bratwurst