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  1. (law) County Bar Association.
  2. (Australia, banking) Commonwealth Bank of Australia. [Founded 1912.]
  3. Collective bargaining agreement.
  4. (Britain, vulgar, slang) Can't be arsed.
    • 1996 April 21, Kieron, “Re: olrs and message form”, in, Usenet[1], retrieved 2016-07-02, message-ID <>:
      And I've seen many examples of abysmal wordwrapping... Me, I CBA changing it, and you really need initials to be used all the time to work properly, else stuff gets mis-attributed.
    • 1996 April 23, James, Derek, “Re: Internet Software”, in, Usenet[2], retrieved 2016-07-02, message-ID <>:
      Each to their own eh Paul? Personally I like WS-FTP TEST version with just the two windows, and more importantly I CBA transferring over all the sites to anything new :o)
  5. Cost-benefit analysis.