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See concrete verb.

Recent additions to the category
  1. изъехать
  2. уйти
  3. нести
  4. вести
  5. покатить
  6. полетать
  7. погнаться
  8. нестись
  9. поплыть
  10. поползти
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. лететь
  2. идти
  3. проехать
  4. катить
  5. нестись
  6. поехать
  7. полететь
  8. пойти
  9. ехать
  10. повезти

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Russian concrete verbs refer to a verbal aspect in verbs of motion that is unidirectional (as opposed to multidirectional), a definitely directed motion, or a single, completed action (instead of a repeated action or series of actions). Concrete verbs may be either imperfective or perfective.