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From Latin columbus ‎(a dove). The verb is a reference to the Italian explorer.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name.
  2. A surname​.
  3. Christopher Columbus (1451?-1506), Italian explorer of the Americas.
  4. One of various cities, towns and villages in the USA, among others the capital of Ohio.

Derived terms[edit]



Columbus ‎(third-person singular simple present Columbuses, present participle Columbusing, simple past and past participle Columbused)

  1. (possibly dated) To explore; to go around exploring, to go around as an explorer.
    • 1893, American Boys Afloat: Or, Cruising in the Orient, page 150:
      "But, boy the powers of mud, I belayve you fellers mane to make an indepindint cruise in the Orient, and go Columbusing all over the ocean boy the way ye's talk!"
    • 1908, Out West, volume 28, page 90:
      Callous as the old mummy was about anything and everything save his pet hobby, archaeology, he would sit up and take notice of such a vision ; and Peter felt that, having Columbused the discovery, he had the better right to it.
    • 1908, Sunset, volume 20, page 271:
      To the west of the river lay the country in which I went Columbusing — the enchanted desert whose southern boundary was where the sky reached down and merged with the earth curve, and whose northern limit was the Harqua Hala range []
    • 1921, Forest Leaves, volume 15, page lxx:
      No street car line passes it, so you'll have to do a little Columbusing on your own account-to find it-—but it's worth discovering, and President Gardner's phophecy sounds conservative.