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From Ancient Greek Corinth(Corinth) + -an


Corinthian (comparative more Corinthian, superlative most Corinthian)

  1. Of or relating to Corinth
  2. (architecture) Of the Corinthian Greek order
  3. elaborate, ornate
  4. debauched in character or practice; impure
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Derived terms[edit]



Corinthian (plural Corinthians)

  1. An inhabitant or a resident of Corinth, and its suburbs.
  2. An inhabitant, a resident of; a thing that originates from Corinthia
  3. An accomplished amateur athlete.
  4. A sailboat owner who helms his or her own boat in competitive racing.
  5. A worldly, fashionable person, accepted in society though possibly dissolute.
  6. (manège) Horse show-class in which contestants are members of a formal hunt and wear its livery, as opposed to appointment show-class.
  7. A small tubular wafer used in desserts.


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