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Alternative forms[edit]


Named after US advice columnist Dorothy Dix (1870-1951), who reputedly invented some of the more interesting readers′ questions she answered, +‎ -er.


Dorothy Dixer (plural Dorothy Dixers)

  1. (Australia) A question asked of a minister by a member of his own party, to give the minister the opportunity to promote the government's work, criticise the opposition, etc.
    • 2002, Don Watson, Recollections of a Bleeding Heart: A Portrait of Paul Keating PM[1], page 273:
      Betraying not a sign of the general mayhem he had just created, he answered a Dorothy Dixer about television violence.
    • 2006, Julian Disney, J. R. Nethercote, The House on Capital Hill: Parliament, Politics, and Power in the National Capital, page 226,
      On both sides of the chamber, Question Time became highly programmed. This led on the Government side to questions, almost without exception, being Dorothy Dixers of the worst kind. [] The total domination of this sort of Dorothy Dixer under the Keating Government reduced the use of Question Time considerably.
    • 2010, Annabel Crabb, Rise of the Ruddbot: Observations from the Gallery[2], page 244:
      The real and nasty political attack came later, in question time, when every Labor minister who stood in response to a Dorothy Dixer did so in order to aim a new kick at the cods of the Opposition leader, from a different direction.

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