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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (transport) Initialism of Electronic Road Pricing. an electronic system of road pricing with gantries installed throughout several locations in Singapore, with the purpose of managing traffic problems especially during peak hours.
    • 2004 Feb, ERP in Singapore - what’s been learnt from five years of operation, page 62:
      Electronic road pricing (ERP)is one of the main tools which is keeping Singapore’s traffic problems within manageable levels.
    • 2010, Simon Richard, Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, page 569:
      Many car parks are now run using the same in-vehicle unit and cashcard and ERP gantries instead of the coupon system.
    • 2011, Ercoskin, Ozge Yalciner, Green and Ecological Technologies for Urban Planning: Creating Smart Cities: Creating Smart Cities, page 178:
      However, the term ERP is unique to Singapore, and it serves to differentiate the fact that charges are not collected at physical toll stations but are done automatically on the roadways.
    • 2014 October 1, The Straits Times (online), LTA calls tender for next generation ERP:
      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has called a tender to develop Singapore's next generation electronic road pricing system. The new system will be based on Global Navigation Satellite System technology.
    • 2016 February 25, Christopher Tan, The Straits Times (Singapore), LTA to roll out next-generation ERP from 2020, NCS-MHI to build system for $556m:
      Singapore has cleared the way for its next-generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)(ERP) system, which will have islandwide coverage and the ability to charge according to distance travelled.


ERP (plural ERPs)

  1. Initialism of erotic roleplay.
  2. Initialism of event-related potential.
  3. (economy) Initialism of equity risk premium.
  4. (economy) Initialism of estimated retail price.
  5. (operations, software) Initialism of enterprise resource planning.
  6. (telecommunications) Initialism of effective radiated power.
  7. (physiology) Initialism of effective refractory period.

Related terms[edit]

  • (effective refractory period): ARP, RRP