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See also: ft, FT, fT, ft., Ft., FT%, and F.T.


Alternative forms[edit]



  1. Fort.
    Ft Lauderdale

Usage notes[edit]

As this abbreviation only eliminates the use of two characters, the full word, Fort, is generally preferred. It is also never appropriate to use this abbreviation in body text in any form. The same applies to Mt for Mount, So for South, and No for North. Use of Ft is only appropriate when space necessitates.




Ft ‎(plural Ft-ok)

  1. Abbreviation of forint.


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative Ft Ft-ok
accusative Ft-ot Ft-okat
dative Ft-nak Ft-oknak
instrumental Ft-tal Ft-okkal
causal-final Ft-ért Ft-okért
translative Ft-tá Ft-okká
terminative Ft-ig Ft-okig
essive-formal Ft-ként Ft-okként
inessive Ft-ban Ft-okban
superessive Ft-on Ft-okon
adessive Ft-nál Ft-oknál
illative Ft-ba Ft-okba
sublative Ft-ra Ft-okra
allative Ft-hoz Ft-okhoz
elative Ft-ból Ft-okból
delative Ft-ról Ft-okról
ablative Ft-tól Ft-októl
Possessive forms of Ft
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. Ft-om Ft-jaim
2nd person sing. Ft-od Ft-jaid
3rd person sing. Ft-ja Ft-jai
1st person plural Ft-unk Ft-jaink
2nd person plural Ft-otok Ft-jaitok
3rd person plural Ft-juk Ft-jaik