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Gor +‎ -ean


Gorean (comparative more Gorean, superlative most Gorean)

  1. Of or pertaining to the fictional world of Gor (in a series of erotic science fiction novels by John Norman).
    • 2007, Peter Ludlow, Mark Wallace, The Second Life Herald (page 134)
      In fact, players have incorporated Gorean roleplay into a number of online games, adopting the social structures, institutions, and in some cases even the language of Gor.
    • 2009, Francisco J. Ricardo, Literary art in digital performance, page 118:
      The photos show that Gorean slave dress code means wearing “silks,” which amounts to being naked or almost naked.
    • 2010, January Rowe, My One
      No way could I pull off being a Gorean kajira. I wasn't nearly submissive enough.

Related terms[edit]


Gorean (plural Goreans)

  1. A member of a BDSM subculture based on the Gorean lifestyle portrayed in the novels.
    • 2007, Mark Stephen Meadows, I, Avatar
      Whatever its origin, just as Second Life had a strong subculture of Goreans, it also had a strong subculture of Furs.