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  1. (Christianity) Initialism of hard to receive.


HTR (countable and uncountable, plural HTRs)

  1. (medicine) Initialism of hard tissue replacement.
  2. (technology) Initialism of high temperature reactor.
    • 2009, Bomboni et al.: Comparison among MCNP-based depletion codes applied to burnup calculation of pebble-bed HTR lattices, page 918:
      The double-heterogeneity characterising pebble-bed high temperature reactors (HTRs) makes Monte Carlo based calculation tools the most suitable for detailed core analysis.
    • 1972, Vincenti et al.: Spacedependent reactor dynamics, page 131:
      The penetration by light water reactors would be large even if other thermal reactors like the HTR were present, according to our preliminary evaluations, because the LWR is the best plutonium producer.
    • 1970, De Beni and Matchetti: Hydrogen, key to the energy market, page 49:
      Of the nuclear reactors the HTR now produces heat at the highest temperature.

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