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From Middle High German houbet, höubet, from Old High German houbit, from Proto-Germanic *haubudą, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *kaput-, *kauput-. The standardized form without umlaut is from Upper German, in which -ou- did not undergo umlaut before labials. The Central German form with umlaut is preserved in Häuptling and zu Häupten. Cognate with Dutch hoofd, Low German Hööft, English head, Danish hoved, Gothic 𐌷𐌰𐌿𐌱𐌹𐌸 (haubiþ).



Haupt n (genitive Hauptes or Haupts, plural Häupter)

  1. (dated, elevated, poetic) head (body part)
    Er hob das Haupt und sah voll Kummer auf die offene See hinaus.
    He raised his head and sorrowfully looked out at the open sea.
    • 1820, Joseph von Görres, Das Heldenbuch von Iran aus dem Shah Nameh des Firdussi:
      [...] trennt das Haupt des Türken vom Körper.
  2. (dated) head; leader; chief
    An dem Treffen nahmen die Häupter von 23 Religionsgemeinschaften teil.
    The meeting was attended by the heads of 23 religious communities.
  3. (heraldry) chief
  4. (in compounds) see haupt-



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