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See also: ian, ían, iän, -ian, -ían, -յան, and Ian.


Alternative forms[edit]


An anglicisation of Scottish Gaelic Eóin, the Gaelic equivalent of the name John. The name originated in Ireland, and was taken from there to Scotland, where the modern form Iain co-exists with it. In Ireland it was largely supplanted by the later forms Seaan, Seón, and Seóan, of which the modern form is Seán (anglicised as Sean).


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name.
    • 1975, Robertson Davies, World of Wonders, ISBN 0670817902, page 736:
      “If you want a Scotch name why don’t you call him Jock?” Macgregor looked disgusted. “Because Jock is not a name, but a diminutive, as everybody knows well. It is the diminutive of John. And John is not a Scots name. The Scots form of that name is Ian. If you want to call him Ian Fetch, I shall say no more”.