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a bridge over Kama in Perm

Etymology 1[edit]

From Russian Ка́ма (Káma).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A major river in Russia, the longest left tributary of the Volga.
    • 1979 August 20, Editorial: Limiting System Exports, Computerworld, page 14,
      It was led by Sen. Henry Javkson (D-Wash.), who referred at some length to an IBM computer and assorted other technology we have sold the Russians for use in their vast Kama River truck plant.
    • 1986, Soviet Geography, Volume 27, page 125,
      According to Ponomarev's calculations, the Kama in the 1890s annually supplied the Volga with up to 850000 logs, of which about 250000 came from the Chusovaya, about 250000 from the Vyatka and its tributaries, 150000 from the Belaya, [] .
    • 1995, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Solovʹev, History of Russia, page 33,
      He was ordered to seek out the rebels along the Kama and the Viatka.

Etymology 2[edit]

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From Sanskrit काम (kā́ma, love).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (religion, Hinduism) The Hindu god of love, Kamadeva
    • 1956, Heinrich Robert Zimmer, Philosophies of India, page 145,
      Fundamentally, the doctrine and technique of Kāma go back to primitive antiquity.
    • 1969, Allie M. Frazier, Readings in Eastern Religious Thought: Hinduism, page 35,
      In Indian mythology, Kāma is the counterpart of Cupid.
    • 2001, Jagdish Lal Shastri, Arnold Kunst, G. P. Bhatt, Ancient Indian Tradition & Mythology, Volume 63, page 429,
      On seeing Kāma annihilated there, the Devas and the groups of celestial damsels became frightened.
    • 2006, Catherine Benton, God of Desire: Tales of Kamadeva in Sanskrit Story Literature, page 52,
      However, when Śiva saw the proud Kāma getting ready to let another arrow fly, he got angry.
Related terms[edit]



Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname​.


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Proper noun[edit]

Kama f

  1. Kama River



kama (child, person). Often a short form of compound names containing this word.


  • IPA(key): /ˈka.ma/, [ˈkɐmə]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name from Hawaiian, sometimes also given to women.
  2. A surname​.

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