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From Middle High German korp, from Old High German korb, chorp, from Proto-West Germanic *korb.

The sense “rejection of a (romantic) request” is formed back from the expressions einen Korb geben (to so reject), einen Korb kriegen (to be so rejected). These derive from certain older customs, which involved a bottomless basket as a symbol of the end or inexistence of love. The further origin of this symbol seems uncertain, though it has been plausibly related to the apparent mediaeval practice of pulling a secret visitor up to one’s window in a basket. Compare the same in Dutch een korf krijgen and Swedish få korgen.


  • IPA(key): /kɔrp/, /kɔɐ̯p/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɔɐ̯p


Korb m (genitive Korbes, plural Körbe, diminutive Körbchen n or Körblein n)

  1. basket; creel
    Ich brauche einen Korb für die Beeren, die ich pflücke.
    I need a basket for the berries that I pick.
  2. (botany) anthodium (inflorescence of a compound flower)
  3. (aviation) nacelle
  4. (law) a set of laws around a certain theme
  5. (informal) rejection of a request, typically romantic, such as a proposal or asking for a date
  6. (sports) hoop (in basketball)



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