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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Australia, informal) The Australian Labor Party.
    • 1970, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Institute of Pacific Relations, Australia and the Pacific, page 10,
      Nevertheless there is a distinct difference of emphasis, in the sense just indicated, between the two sides of Australian politics. There has always been some international isolationism, too, in Labor circles in Australia.
    • 1984, David Harris Solomon, Australia′s Government and Parliament, page 102,
      Labor did not regain office until 1929, and then only for a three-year period.
    • 1995, Brian Galligan, A Federal Republic: Australia′s Constitutional System of Government, page 109,
      Labor’s formal reconciliation with the federal Constitution during the postwar decades has been a significant development both for the ALP and for Australian politics generally.
  2. (US, Australia) Misspelling of Labour. (UK political party)

Usage notes[edit]

While it is standard practice in Australian English to spell the word labour with the letter U, the political party's name is spelled with no U. Although the "American spelling" has been used officially since the early 20th century, some sources continued to use "Labour" for several decades.



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Clipping of Laboratorium, from Latin labōrātōrium.



Labor n (genitive Labors, plural Labors or Labore)

  1. laboratory

Usage notes[edit]

  • As a shortened form, Labor is equivalent to English lab, but unlike the latter it is not informal anymore. In fact, the full form Laboratorium is dated.
  • The preferred plural is Labors, but Labore has gained ground in recent years. It may already be the commoner form in speech.


Derived terms[edit]

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