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From Middle High German litze, possibly through a Romance form eventually from Latin līcia, plural of līcium. Compare French lisse, Italian liccio.


  • IPA(key): /ˈlɪtsə/
  • Audio:(file)



Litze f (genitive Litze, plural Litzen)

  1. ornamental cord or fabric (braided or twisted); gimp; braid; trim
    1. (military) Such an ornament as insignia of corps or rank
      An den Uniformen des deutschen Heeres befinden sich auf beiden Kragenseiten silberne Doppellitzen.
      In German army uniforms there are two silver braidings on each side of the collar.
      Die Offiziersanwärter der Bundeswehr sind durch eine silberne, die Unteroffiziersanwärter durch eine goldene Litze gekennzeichnet.
      Officer candidates in the German armed forces are badged with silver twisted cords, non-commissioned officer candidates with golden ones.
  2. (electrics) cord; flex (conductor of twisted wires)



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