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Borrowed from a Tai language. Compare mường (mountain village), Muong mường (Mường; village; mountain village), Lao ເມືອງ (mư̄ang), ᦵᦙᦲ (moe), ᨾᩮᩥ᩠ᨦ, Shan မိူင်း (móeng), Tai Dam ꪹꪣꪉ (mứang), Thai เมือง (mʉʉang).

Although this word has become a commonly used ethnonym, in many places, Mường people still refer to themselves by the endonym Mõl (human being) (or a variant of the word).


Proper noun[edit]

Mường (𤞽, )

  1. the Muong people, a minority ethnic group in mountainous regions of Vietnam
    tiếng Mườngthe Muong language


  • English: Muong
  • Japanese: ムオン

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