Middle Earth

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English myddyl erthe and middel-erde, from earlier middelerd, middenerd, from Old English middanerd (Middle Earth), variant of middanġeard (Earth, the world, literally the middle yard, enclosure, or realm) mis- or reinterpreting its meaning, from Proto-Germanic *midjagardaz, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *medhyo (middle) and Proto-Indo-European *ghartos (enclosure). Cognate with Norwegian & English Midgard (q.v.) and Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish Midgård.

Proper noun[edit]

Middle Earth

  1. (archaic) The Earth, (chiefly Norse mythology) synonym for Midgard, the world of traditional Germanic cosmology, conceived as a realm between heaven (Asgard) and hell (Niflheim).
  2. (fiction) Alternative form of Middle-earth: the setting of the Lord of the Rings series.

Related terms[edit]