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Etymology 1[edit]

From Dutch mops (pug). Further origin unsettled. Possibly a malicious use of mop (German; Fritz; Kraut), an early variant of mof. Alternatively from mopperen (to grumble), earlier also moppen, to which compare regional German möppern. The latter is plausible given the seemingly grumpy face of the dog.


Mops m (genitive Mopses, plural Möpse)

  1. pug (dog)
  2. (colloquial) chubby person
  3. (colloquial, chiefly in the plural) boob; tit (woman’s breast)
    • 1985, John Irving (translator anonymous), Laßt die Bären los! (original title: Setting Free the Bears, 1968), reprinted 2013, Diogenes Verlag AG, ISBN 9783257601268, p. 39:
      »Mein linker Mops juckt«, flüsterte sie. »Ich habe eine Wagenladung Erde im BH.«
      “My left boob’s itchy,” she whispered. “There’s a truckload of ground in my bra.”

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. plural of Mop
  2. genitive singular of Mop

Further reading[edit]

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