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Etymology 1[edit]

From Dutch mops ‎(pug). Further origin unsettled. Possibly a malicious use of mop ‎(German; Fritz; Kraut), an early variant of mof. Alternatively from mopperen ‎(to grumble), earlier also moppen, to which compare regional German möppern. The latter is plausible given the seemingly grumpy face of the dog.


Mops m ‎(genitive Mopses, plural Möpse)

  1. pug (dog)
  2. (colloquial) chubby person
  3. (colloquial, chiefly in the plural) boob; tit (woman’s breast)
    • 1985, John Irving (translator anonymous), Laßt die Bären los! (original title: Setting Free the Bears, 1968), reprinted 2013, Diogenes Verlag AG, ISBN 9783257601268, p. 39:
      »Mein linker Mops juckt«, flüsterte sie. »Ich habe eine Wagenladung Erde im BH.«
      “My left boob’s itchy,” she whispered. “There’s a truckload of ground in my bra.”

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. plural of Mop
  2. genitive singular of Mop

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