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Coined by J. K. Rowling.



Muggle (plural Muggles)

  1. A non-magical person.
    • 2005, Kirkus Reviews, review of Charlotte Haptie, Otto and the Bird Charmers, from Dow Jones, Apr 1, 2005
      Once again, THE magic-working Karmidee, marginalized by THE Muggle-ish Normals, are threatened by a coup in THE city's government []
    • 2005, Jeffrey Weiss, review of Christine Wicker, Not in Kansas Anymore, in Dallas Morning News, Sep 30, 2005
      "It could all be deadly earnest if she didn't have a sense of humor. My favorite sentence is a chapter title: "Every time you hear a bell, a Muggle has turned magical."
    • 2005, Felix Cheong, "Age-old sexism still pervades films about witches and wizards", Channel News Asia, Aug 19, 2005
      In her second outing as a witch — the first being Practical Magic (1998) — Nicole Kidman plays Isabel, a witch who's trying to settle down to the Muggle life of a suburban housewife.
  2. A non-specialist; someone lacking a particular skill or ability.
    • 2003, "There are too many flashing lights nowadays for a knight of the road...", in Nursing Standard, May 14, 2003
      [] I have finally worked out that the word ECNALUBMA in back-to-front writing translates as 'get out of my way, you Muggle motorist'.


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