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NDP (countable and uncountable, plural NDPs)

  1. (economics, countable) Initialism of net domestic product.
  2. (chemistry, physics, uncountable) Initialism of neutron depth profiling.
  3. (biochemistry) Initialism of Norrie disease protein.
    Synonym: norrin

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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (politics) Initialism of National Democratic Party.
    • 1948 August, Ernest Borneman, “Back to Berlin: The Diary of a Native’s Return”, in Harper's Magazine, volume 187, number 1179, New York: Harper & Brothers, →ISSN, page 66:
      That day A.K. was carrying a banner in an SED demonstration, L.G. said he was sorry he had caused me to lose my temper, B.R. said that he expected to get a U. S. visa next month, and R.D. said that he was going into the U. S. Zone to work for the NDP in the forthcoming elections.
    • 1960 August 4, George Clay, “Apprehension in Rhodesia”, in The Globe and Mail (London Observer Service), Toronto, →ISSN, page 6:
      Members of the NDP have condemned the arrests as an attempt "to eliminate constitutional opposition by unconstitutional means."
  2. (Canadian politics, historical) Initialism of Newfoundland Democratic Party.
    • 1959 August 4, “Labor Law Vital Issue Confronting Smallwood”, in The Globe and Mail, Toronto, →ISSN, page 15:
      Larry Daley, president of the Newfoundland Federation of Labor, said today that while labor will support and endorse the NDP, many candidates will not be associated with trade unions.
  3. (Canada) Initialism of New Democratic Party.
    • 1961 August 4, “Delegates Reject Full-Time Treasurer”, in The Globe and Mail, Toronto, →ISSN, page 9:
      But it was decided that a member of the Federal Parliament could not be president or associate president of the party. A NDP member elected in such party office would, however, be entitled to complete his parliamentary term.
    • 1962 July 17, Willis C. Armstrong, “Telegram from the Embassy in Canada to the Department of State”, in Charles S. Sampson and James E. Miller, editors, Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963, volume 13, West Europe and Canada, Washington: US Government Publishing Office, published 1994, →ISBN, page 1188:
      Mr. Green agreed that the Columbia River treaty was indeed a problem. He said that the Liberals and the NDP both wanted re-negotiation.
  4. (Singapore) Initialism of National Day Parade.
  5. (Ireland, historical) Initialism of National Development Plan.
  6. (computing) Initialism of Neighbour Discovery Protocol.
  7. (US, military, historical) Initialism of National Defense Panel.
  8. (computing) Initialism of Nortel Discovery Protocol.

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  • (New Democratic Party): NDPer


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