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From an anecdote shared by Michael B. Tager (@IamRageSparkle) on Twitter in July 2020. In the multi-tweet thread, Tager recounted visiting a "shitty crustpunk bar", where he saw a patron abruptly expelled. The bartender explained that the man was wearing "iron crosses and stuff", and that he feared such patrons would become regulars and start bringing friends if not promptly kicked out, which would lead him to realize "oh shit, this is a Nazi bar now" only after the unwanted patrons became too "entrenched" to kick out without trouble.[1][2]


Nazi bar (plural Nazi bars)

  1. (Internet slang) A space in which bigots or extremists have come to dominate due to a lack of moderation or by moderators wishing to remain neutral or avoid conflict.
    • 2020 August 10, Sojaro (@sojaro), Twitter[1]:
      Social media platforms are virtual monopolies only by the virtue that alternatives immediately establish themselves as either "hug boxes" or "nazi bars".
    • 2021 September 9, Val Syverson (@vjpsyverson), Twitter[2]:
      I’d venture to say this is especially important reading for those of us who formed our opinions on this topic before the New Atheist movement became a Nazi bar.
    • 2022 January 12, Julian Kay (@AlienRopeBurn), Twitter[3]:
      Tabletop Simulator's forums and community have essentially melted under the blazing bigot influx at this point. It's a Nazi bar now.
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