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OIS (countable and uncountable, plural OIS)

  1. (law enforcement) Initialism of officer-involved shooting.
    • 2007, David E. Hatch, Randy Dickson, Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force: Practical Investigative Techniques, Second Edition, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 188:
      But an objective overview of the current literature and research associated with post-OIS officer support compared to various aspects of the research ...
    • 2017, Darrell L. Ross, Gary M. Vilke, Guidelines for Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings, Arrest-Related Deaths, and Deaths in Custody, Routledge, →ISBN, page 285:
      Officer-involved shooting (OIS) investigations are directed at the determination of whether the shooter officer's decision to use deadly force was "objectively reasonable [] "
    • 2019, James F. Albrecht, Garth den Heyer, Perry Stanislas, Policing and Minority Communities: Contemporary Issues and Global Perspectives, Springer, →ISBN, page 117:
      The SHOT database gathered a dataset of 4283 officer-involved shootings (OIS) that have occurred in 50 states between January 2000 and December 2017 []
  2. (photography) Initialism of optical image stabilization.