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PTA (plural PTAs)

  1. Initialism of parent-teacher association.


  • (parent-teacher association): PTO (parent-teacher organization)



PTA (countable and uncountable, plural PTAs)

  1. Initialism of prepaid ticket advice: information sent to an airline that a passenger will collect the ticket at the airport (not the same as an e-ticket).
  2. (Australia, firearms) Initialism of permit to acquire: a form lodged with the police to aquire a specific firearm; the authorisation subsequently acquired.
    • 2003 October 21, CD, “NEWSLETTER FROM THE OFFICE OF JOHN TINGLE MLC 15.10.03”, in aus.politics.guns, Usenet[1]:
      Their computer cannot issue a Permit to Acquire to somebody who does not have the appropriate category of licence; or whose licence is about to expire. I am hearing from lots of people who want to know why it's taking weeks, or even months, for the PTA to be issued, when the waiting period is supposed to be only 28 days. The reason is, of course, that the massive backlog of five-year licence renewals, caused by the under-resourcing of the Registry, is holding up PTA′s because they can't be issued until after the licence renewal is issued.
    • 2004 January 28, Seb, “NEWSLETTER FROM NSW SHOOTERS PARTY January 27 2004”, in aus.politics.guns, Usenet[2]:
      I think that is the most meaningless sections of the law out of the whole thing, PTA for second and subsequent arms. They are likely processing hundreds of thousands of PTA′s weekly for absolutely no demonstratable purpose with tax payer monies.
    • 2004 June 18, Lindsay, “Yaaaay. PTA in less than a month”, in, Usenet[3]:
      get your PTA, and then think about spending a few hundred on a more modern .22 and a scope.
    • 2006 February 22, CD, “NSW Shooters party Newsletter Feb 21 2006”, in aus.politics.guns, Usenet[4]:
      Recently, people applying for a Permit to Acquire have received a letter back from the Firearms Registry saying they had to submit a Certificate of Inspection of their secure storage, before the application could be processed. This was a new thing, and, in the case of people who already have a firearm, was pretty pointless, since we all had our secure storage inspected in that great state-wide sweep; and unless the applicant's address had changed, there was little point in a new inspection. In any case, I had countless reports of people asking their local police to do a new inspection to go with the PTA and being told the police were much too busy to do all that again.



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Borrowed from English PTA.


  • (Tokyo) ーティーエ [pìítííéꜜè] (Nakadaka – [5])
  • IPA(key): [pʲiːtʲiːe̞ː]


PTA(ピーティーエー) (pī-tī-ē

  1. a PTA (parent-teacher association)
    • 2011 April 9, Sorachi, Hideaki, “(だい)(さん)(びゃく)(さん)(じゅう)(ろく)(くん) (ぼう)(ねん)(かい)でも(わす)れちゃいけないものがある [Lesson 336: There Are Things You Can’t Forget Even at a Forgetting-Last-Year Party]”, in (ぎん)(たま) [Silver Soul], volume 39 (fiction), Tokyo: Shueisha, →ISBN:
      マ…マズイぞ こんなの(ピー)(ティー)(エー)にしれたら ア…アニメ(ふっ)(かつ)どころか れ…(れん)(さい)()(たい)おわる‼
      Ma…mazui zo Konna no pī-tī-ē ni shiretara A…anime fukkatsu dokoro ka Re…rensai jitai owaru‼
      Crap. If the PTA knows this, the anime won’t be coming back, and the manga’s serialization will be doomed too!!