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Alternative forms[edit]


From Peeping Tom, a tailor in the legend of Lady Godiva who watched Godiva riding naked.


peeping tom (plural peeping toms)

  1. A person who watches another without the other's permission and usually without the other's knowledge, especially for the purpose of deriving sexual pleasure from the sight of the other.
    • 1957, "A Question of Justice," Time, 3 Jun.,
      Reynolds contended that the Chinese was a peeping tom whom he caught spying on his wife one night last March while she was toweling herself after a shower.
    • 2000, Jeffrey Geri, Oh, Henry, →ISBN, page 148:
      The girls complained about peeping Toms. There was a skylight window in the communal ladies' shower, and one night Jennie and a friend looked up while showering, to see two young male faces staring at them from above.
    • 2005, a UM student quoted in College Prowler: University Of Michigan: off the record →ISBN, page 20:
      "They claim that the security is good at UM, but we had five break-ins into student dorms and numerous reports of peeping Toms in the women's dorm bathrooms."



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