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pent- (five) +‎ -ium.


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Pentium (plural Pentiums)

  1. A CPU chip designed and manufactured by Intel, successor to the 486 chip, introduced in 1993.
    • 1997, Lawrence Hubert, Phipps Arabie, Jacqueline Meulman, “Hierarchical clustering and the construction of (optimal) ultrametrics using Lp-norms”, in Yadolah Dodge, editor, L1-Statistical Procedures and Related Topics (Institute of Mathematical Statistics: Lecture Notes—Monograph Series; volume 31), Hayward, Calif.: Institute of Mathematical Statistics, →ISBN, section VII (Classification), page 464:
      Given the usual Pentium-level processors now commonly available and the amount of memory these systems typically contain, the program we have developed can deal (optimally) with object set sizes in the lower teen’s, but even this requires the capability of Fortran90 to allocate very large arrays dynamically (and inform the user whether sufficient memory exists on the system to solve the problem of the size being requested).
  2. A computer having a Pentium processor.





  • IPA(key): [ˈpɛntijum]
  • Hyphenation: Pen‧ti‧um
  • Rhymes: -um

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Pentium (CPU chip designed and manufactured by Intel)


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative Pentium Pentiumok
accusative Pentiumot Pentiumokat
dative Pentiumnak Pentiumoknak
instrumental Pentiummal Pentiumokkal
causal-final Pentiumért Pentiumokért
translative Pentiummá Pentiumokká
terminative Pentiumig Pentiumokig
essive-formal Pentiumként Pentiumokként
inessive Pentiumban Pentiumokban
superessive Pentiumon Pentiumokon
adessive Pentiumnál Pentiumoknál
illative Pentiumba Pentiumokba
sublative Pentiumra Pentiumokra
allative Pentiumhoz Pentiumokhoz
elative Pentiumból Pentiumokból
delative Pentiumról Pentiumokról
ablative Pentiumtól Pentiumoktól
possessive - singular
Pentiumé Pentiumoké
possessive - plural
Pentiuméi Pentiumokéi
Possessive forms of Pentium
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. Pentiumom Pentiumaim
2nd person sing. Pentiumod Pentiumaid
3rd person sing. Pentiuma Pentiumai
1st person plural Pentiumunk Pentiumaink
2nd person plural Pentiumotok Pentiumaitok
3rd person plural Pentiumuk Pentiumaik