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A respelling of its original name Pearl.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (computing) A family of high-level programming languages, particularly used for text processing.
    • 2015, Wikipedia, "Perl":
      In addition to CGI, Perl 5 is used for graphics programming, system administration, network programming, finance, bioinformatics, and other applications. It has been humorously nicknamed "the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages" because of its flexibility and power, and possibly also because of its "ugliness". In 1998, it was also referred to as the "duct tape that holds the Internet together", in reference to both its ubiquitous use as a glue language and its perceived inelegance.


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From French perle ‎(pearl), used by Jean Jannon for the type used in his miniature editions of Vergil, Horace, and the New Testament in the 1620s.



  1. (uncountable, printing, dated) pearl: the small size of type standardized as 5 point.

Derived terms[edit]