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Proper noun[edit]

Queen City

  1. A small city in Schuyler County, Missouri, United States.
  2. A small city in Cass County, Texas, United States.
  3. A former city in Adams County, Iowa, United States.
    • 1868, The Communist, page 7:
      This Community is located in the central part of Adams County, but in the south-west part of the State of Iowa, and its post office address is Queen City, Adams County, Iowa. It was established in that place thirteen years ago []
    • 1900, Iowa State Medical Society, Transactions:
      In 1869 he located in Iowa and from that time to the date of his death, practiced his profession in Adams and Union counties. He was married to Mrs. Catharine Trippett at Queen City, Adams county, Iowa, June 21, 1870.
    • 1966, Geological Survey Bulletin, page 3174:
      Well developed in vicinity of Queen City, Cass County, Tex., in which area it was described by Kennedy (1892).
    • 1970, US-59 Reconstruction, Queen City to Sulphur River: Environmental Impact Statement, page 2:
      The proposed improvement consists of the reconstruction of U.S. Highway 59 from F.M. 2791 in Queen City, Cass County, Texas , North to 2.4 miles North of the Sulphur River in Bowie County, Texas.
  4. A nickname for various cities and towns, including:
    1. Bangor, Maine.
    2. Buffalo, New York, so-called as it was once the largest city along the Great Lakes.
    3. Charlotte, North Carolina, named for British queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.
    4. Cincinnati, Ohio.
    5. Clarksville, Tennessee.
    6. Cumberland, Maryland, historically, for being at one time the second largest city in Maryland.
    7. Denver, Colorado, often referred to as the "Queen City of the Plains".
    8. Dickinson, North Dakota
    9. Allentown, Pennsylvania.
    10. Manchester, New Hampshire, referred to as the “Queen City” due to it being larger than than New Hampshire’s capital, Concord.
    11. Meridian, Mississippi, so-named either because it was an important stop on the Queen and Crescent rail line (itself deriving from Cincinnati's designation as Queen City) or because a "gypsy queen" Kelly Mithcell is buried there.[1]
    12. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, as regina is Latin for "queen"; the city was renamed (from Wascana) in honour of Queen Victoria, who was the British monarch at the time.[2]
    13. Seattle, Washington, so-named in 1869 by real estate developers who heralded it as "the Future Queen City of the Pacific".[3]
    14. Springfield, Missouri.
    15. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    16. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, named after Queen Victoria who was the British monarch at the time of the settlement's founding (1843).
    17. Burlington, Vermont.



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