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RSS (uncountable)

  1. (Internet) Initialism of Rich Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication (mechanism to follow updates on other websites such as news, music, blogs, etc.).
    • 2019 January 9, Sinclair Target, “The Rise and Demise of RSS”, in Motherboard[1]:
      Another theory is that RSS was always too geeky for regular people. Even the New York Times, which seems to have been eager to adopt RSS and promote it to its audience, complained in 2006 that RSS is a “not particularly user friendly” acronym coined by “computer geeks.”
  2. (Internet, deprecated) Initialism of RDF Site Summary.
  3. (military, nautical, Singapore) Initialism of Republic of Singapore Ship (prefix of Navy ships belonging to the Republic of Singapore Navy).
  4. (rocketry) Initialism of range safety system.

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RSS f (plural RSSs)

  1. Initialism of república socialista soviética. SSR