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From the way protesters are tightly packed into public spaces, analogous to the way sardines are packed into cans.

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Sardine (plural Sardines)

  1. A member of the Italian grassroots political movement organized to protest against the right-wing surge in the country and the political rhetoric of Matteo Salvini.
    • 2019 December 13, Angela Giuffrida, “Sardines squeeze into Italian cities for biggest anti-Salvini protests yet”, in The Guardian:
      But they might need more than prayer to effectively compete with the Sardines, who in the last month have packed themselves tightly in ever-increasing numbers into piazzas in city after Italian city.
    • 2020 January 22, “Salvini Remains at the Eye of Italy's Political Storm”, in The New York Times:
      The Sardines packed Bologna’s main square with tens of thousands of people on Sunday night and plan to close out the race with a rally in the beach club where Mr. Salvini spent most of the summer.
    • 2020 February 6, “What the UK left can learn from Italy's new Sardines movement”, in New Statesman:
      Though the Sardines’ activism was not initiated by the PD, it provided something that’s been missing from the left political scene: vibrancy, belonging and an emotional narrative.
    • 2020 February 11, Liam Thorp, Liverpool Echo:
      Now different organisations from Merseyside and further afield are planning to oppose the event with a peaceful protest that will take inspiration from the 'Sardines against Salvini' movement that has grown in italy.
    • 2020 March 19, Erik Jones, “Italians are taking real steps to fight the coronavirus — but big political challenges are lurking”, in Washington Post:
      The nonpartisan “Sardines” movement organized mass protests against the reemergence of the far right in Italy and re-energized politics in the run up to the regional elections that were held in Emilia Romagna in January.



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  • IPA(key): /zaʁˈdiːnə/
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Sardine f (genitive Sardine, plural Sardinen)

  1. sardine


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Sardine f

  1. plural of Sardin