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There are two etymological paths whose accuracy and possible interrelation are not conclusively established.

  • Schlucht is most readily explained as a Middle Low German form of the archaic High German equivalent Schluft, with the Low German development of -ft--cht- (cf. Nichte). Schluft pertains to the verb schliefen ‎(to slip, to move through). This etymology is favoured by most authorities, although they seem to be unable of attesting the Middle Low German word.
  • There is an Upper German attestation of Middle High German wazzersluht or possibly -slůht (“water-filled ditch”), which is in line with similar words in modern Upper German dialects. Some of these words also mean “cut-off branch” and may pertain to schlagen ‎(to hew). The sense of “ditch” might be derived from “branch”.



Schlucht f ‎(genitive Schlucht, plural Schluchten or Schlüchte)

  1. canyon, chasm, gorge, ravine

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