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From Middle High German schrūbe. The earlier developments seem not to be quite clear; see screw for more.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʃʁaʊ̯bə/
  • (file)


Schraube f (genitive Schraube, plural Schrauben, diminutive Schräubchen n)

  1. screw
    1. most iconically, a screw in the sense of a fluted fastener
      Solange das deutsche Reich besteht, wird die Schraube nach rechts gedreht. (mnemonic)
      For as long as the German empire exists, we turn the screw to the right.
    2. a propeller advancing by helical movement
    3. the simple machine called screw
    4. the abstracted form things may acquire called helix
    5. a spiral movement, a spin around the longitudinal axis
      1. a spiral movement around the longitudinal axis formalized in athletics


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