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Alternative forms[edit]


Proper noun[edit]

Scott (countable and uncountable, plural Scotts)

  1. (countable) An English ethnic surname, from nicknames for someone with Scottish ancestry.
  2. (countable) A male given name transferred from the surname.
  3. A placename
    1. A municipality of La Nouvelle-Beauce Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada.
    2. A town in the Rural Municipality of Tramping Lake No. 380, Saskatchewan, Canada.
    3. A number of places in the United States:
      1. An unincorporated community and census-designated place in Lonoke County and Pulaski County, Arkansas.
      2. An unincorporated community in Johnson County, Georgia.
      3. A small unincorporated community in Van Buren Township, LaGrange County, Indiana.
      4. A city in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.
      5. An unincorporated community in Cole County, Missouri.
      6. A town in Cortland County, New York.
      7. A village in Paulding County and Van Wert County, Ohio.
      8. A former unincorporated community in Wood County, West Virginia.
      9. A town in Brown County, Wisconsin.
      10. A small town in Burnett County, Wisconsin.
      11. A small town in Columbia County, Wisconsin.
      12. A small town in Crawford County, Wisconsin.
      13. A town in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.
      14. A small town in Monroe County, Wisconsin.
      15. A town in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

Derived terms[edit]


  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Scott is the 36th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 439,530 individuals. Scott is most common among White (60.2%) and Black/African American (32.9%) individuals.


Scott (plural Scotts)

  1. (philately, US, Canada) The Scott catalogue of postage stamps.


Old English[edit]


From Latin Scōtī, or from the same source.


Proper noun[edit]

Sċott m

  1. Scot (a Scottish person)
  2. (in the plural) Scotland
  3. Irish person



  • Middle English: Scot

Derived terms[edit]