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It's not clear how best to match up the synonyms. If all four can match both senses (2) and (3), then (2) and (3) should probably be collapsed. Here are my very subjective assessments.

  • The cat is exterior to the bag. Sounds affected, but makes sense.
  • The cat is external to the bag. Sounds dodgy to me, curious what others might think
  • The cat is outside of the bag. Sounds overly emphatic, but makes sense
  • The cat is without the bag. Not able to say. Guessing this wouldn't be said.
  • This is exterior to my area of expertise. Sounds wrong.
  • This is external to my area of expertise. Sounds fine.
  • This is outside of my area of expertise. Sounds fine.
  • This is without my area of expertise. Not able to say, but guessing this is fine.

That the two test sentences have different degrees of success with at least some of the synonyms strongly suggests there are separate senses involved.

Note that none of these works with senses (1), (4) or (5) (except maybe without, but I'm skeptical). -dmh 03:11, 20 Sep 2004 (UTC)