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en-GB This user is a native speaker of British English.
nb-2 Denne brukeren har ganske god kjennskap til bokmål.
nn-1 Denne brukaren har litt kjennskap til nynorsk.
da-1 Denne bruger har et grundlæggende kendskab til dansk.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
nl-1 Deze gebruiker heeft elementaire kennis van het Nederlands.
sv-1 Denna användare har grundläggande kunskaper i svenska.
grc-0 Ὅδε ὁ χρήστης οὐ κατανοεῖ τὴν ἀρχαίαν ἑλληνικήν.
la-0 Hic usuarius aut parum aut nihil latine scit.
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Current status: retired, widower.

My name is Donald, which I shorten to Don. With the family name of Hodgkinson, this gives one less syllable to pronounce. Needless to say, I am no fan of Donald Trump - Donald Duck is far more tolerable.

I tend to specialise in English, British English in particular, as well as Norwegian translations, and occasionally Danish and Swedish.

I am a firm believer in the British -ise spellings. These are used as far afield as New Zealand, where I was born, brought up and educated. As a result I have used them all my life. Moreover, one hardly ever sees the -ize spellings being used in Britain, where I live now.

There are British spellings I don't use: I prefer enthrall instead of enthral, and distill instead of distil.

A useful reference[edit]

This is a useful reference for checking between Bokmål and Nynorsk words and spellings: [1]. Lexin also has audio for both Bokmål and Nynorsk words, which is really handy.

Milestones: Number of pages created:[edit]

35,001 (as of 14 September 2016)
40,001 (11 April 2017)
45,004 (17 January 2018)
50,003 (22 August 2018)
55,004 (7 February 2019)
60,004 (31 August 2019)
65,004 (10 October 2020)
70,006 (14 March 2022)
75,007 (18 December 2023)
76,001 (4 May 2024)

Nominations for Word of the Day[edit]

Images added - my own work[edit]

Some of these aren't all that wonderful, and can be removed or changed of course.

A wee bit of nonsense[edit]

  • Q: What is an escapea?
    A: A pea that escapes from the dinner plate.
  • Q: When is a grey day grade A? - A: Never.
  • Tall story is not the antonym of short story.
  • If someone calls you a cheapskate, thank them for the compliment.
  • Would you Adam and Eve it, they're naked! (inspired by Cockney rhyming slang)
  • When running a check on Little River County I was asked "Did you mean little rivet counter?" Hmm...

Photo gallery[edit]

Don't bother going around a roundabout, just go straight across it. A scene from Oslo.
"Does my bum look big in this?" She is in her birthday suit.
ATSF Mallet compound engine, Winslow AZ. I would have loved to have seen one of these long beasts in action, apparently the design was unsuccessful.
Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia in 1934. Sydney had two separate trolleybus routes, as well as trams (the tram rails can be seen here). Both trams and trolleybuses disappeared a long time ago.
The best photo I can find of a turntable for 4-wheeled wagons, which looks as though it might work. I can remember these in my home town on sidings serving wool and grain stores.
Akaroa Harbour around 1840
A street sign in leafy suburbia - Hampton, Greater London
Why does the Hawaiian flag have a Union Jack on it; Captain Cook's revenge perhaps? No, it was apparently due to strong British influence there before the American takeover.
Electric buses? There are trolleybuses in some countries, but these are different. I'm not sure how successful they are. This one is having its batteries charged up. Update 2022: They are really catching on now - three of my local bus routes have been converted to electric buses.
A nostalgic scene at Morrinsville Station, New Zealand, in 1902. Sadly, there are no passenger trains there nowadays.
A railway that begins and ends in Bavaria, with its middle section in a corner of Austria, and not connected directly with other Austrian railways

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United States county index[edit]

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