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  1. simple past tense and past participle of season


seasoned (comparative more seasoned, superlative most seasoned)

  1. Experienced, especially in terms of a profession or a hobby
    • 2011 October 20, Jamie Lillywhite, “Tottenham 1 - 0 Rubin Kazan”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      With only two fit centre-backs available, Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp employed young midfielder Jake Livermore at the back alongside Sebastien Bassong but Spurs struggled against a seasoned Champions League outfit, who beat Barcelona at the Nou Camp in 2009-10 and continually worked their way between the home defence to create some golden opportunities.
    • 2013, Zed A. Shaw, Learn Python the Hard Way: A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code, →ISBN, page 2:
      While you do these exercises, typing each one in, you will make mistakes. It’s inevitable; even seasoned programmers make a few.
  2. Of a food, often a liquid: containing seasonings
    • 1994, Leonard Jacobs, Cooking with Seitan: The Complete Vegetarian "wheat-meat" Cookbook, Penguin, →ISBN, page 28:
      Pan-simmer baked seitan cutlets in Basic Broth (page 20) or other seasoned stock for 15 minutes.
    • 1996, Joan S. Todd, "Beyond Bread", Indianapolis Monthly, page 199
      Delicious, fresh bread — especially a killer herb-seasoned loaf — and a stellar creamy dill dressing elevate Brother Juniper's sandwiches beyond the routine.
    • 2013, Hallee Bridgeman; Hallee the Homemaker™, Fifty Shades of Gravy A Christian gets Saucy!: A Cookbook and a Parody, House of Bread Books™, →ISBN, page 10:
      A good definition for broth would be “seasoned stock.” With the possible addition of salt and other seasonings, fats, or thickening agents, broth is tasty and satisfying.
    • 2013, Jam Sanitchat, The Everything Thai Cookbook: Includes Red Curry with Pork and Pineapple, Green Papaya Salad, Salty and Sweet Chicken, Three-Flavored Fish, Coconut Rice, and Hundreds More!, F+W Media, Inc., →ISBN, page 137:
      Since these noodles are dried, they are often served with a side of seasoned stock.