enough is enough

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enough is enough

  1. One should be satisfied; nothing additional is required.
    • 1920, Thornton W. Burgess, chapter 25, in Old Granny Fox:
      "Aren't you going to get any more while we have the chance?" grumbled Reddy.
      "Enough is enough," retorted Granny.
    • 1987 Nov. 11, "Reagan on dollar fall: ‘Enough is enough," The Southeast Missourian, p. 1 (retrieved 22 Nov 2013):
      Other administration officials have hinted the dollar may have to fall further, but President Reagan says enough is enough. . . . "I don't look for a further decline, don't want a further decline."
  2. (especially as an expression of exasperation) The limit of patience or tolerance has been reached.
    • 1961, Jan. 4, "Editorial: Why not Sever All Cuban Ties?," Spartanburg Herald-Journal, p. 4 (retrieved 22 Nov 2013):
      With every new indignity served upon the United States by the fanatical Fidel Castro comes an immediate, and lasting, impulse to declare that enough is enough.
    • 1994 Jan. 22, Richard L. Berke, "G.O.P. Sees Crime as a Major Issue," New York Times (retrieved 22 Nov 2013):
      "I want a crime bill that grabs violent criminals by the throat," Mr. Gramm said. " . . . [T]here reaches a point where you've got to say, ‘Enough is enough.’"
    • 2013 Sep. 25, Desmond Tutu, "Every Child Deserves A Quality Education," forbes.com (retrieved 22 Nov 2013):
      Enough is enough! It is time for decisive leadership and immediate action.



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