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Two types of steamer (cooking appliance)


From steam +‎ -er.



steamer (plural steamers)

  1. (cooking) A cooking appliance that cooks by steaming.
  2. (Discuss(+) this sense) A vessel in which articles are subjected to the action of steam, as in washing, and in various processes of manufacture.
  3. (steamship): A vessel propelled by steam; a steamship or steamboat.
  4. A steam-powered road locomotive; a traction engine.
  5. A wetsuit which has long sleeves and long legs.
  6. A dish of steamed clams.
  7. Any species of the duck genus Tachyeres, of which all four species occur in South America, and three are flightless.
  8. (Australia, food, obsolete) A food made by cooking diced meat very slowly in a tightly sealed pot, with a minimum of flavourings, allowing it to steam in its own juices; popular circa 1850 but apparently no longer so by the 1900s.
    • a. 1864, “Melville”, Australia, quoted in 1864, Edward Abbott, The English and Australian Cookery Book: Cookery for the Many, as Well as for the ‘Upper Ten Thousand’, London, in turn quoted in 1998, Colin Bannerman, et al., Acquired Tastes: Celebrating Australia′s Culinary History, National Library of Australia (publisher), ISBN 0-642-10693-2, page 14,
      Of all the dishes ever brought to table, nothing equals that of the steamer.
  9. (obsolete) A steam fire engine, a fire engine consisting of a steam boiler and engine, and pump which is driven by the engine, combined and mounted on wheels (Webster 1913).
  10. (horse racing) A horse whose odds are decreasing (becoming shorter) because bettors are backing it.
  11. Short for steamer trunk.
  12. (Britain, crime, slang) Member of a youth gang who engages in robbing and escaping as a large group.
  13. (Britain, sex, slang) Oral sex performed on a man.
  14. (Britain, slang) A homosexual man with a preference for passive partners.
  15. (Britain, crime, slang) A prostitute's client.
  16. (US, gambling, slang) A gambler who increases a wager after losing.
  17. (Britain, Scotland, slang) A drinking session.
  18. A babycino (frothy milk drink).


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steamer (third-person singular simple present steamers, present participle steamering, simple past and past participle steamered)

  1. (intransitive) To travel by steamer.





steamer m (plural steamers)

  1. (nautical) steamer, steamboat