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fair +‎ minded


fair-minded (comparative more fair-minded, superlative most fair-minded)

  1. unbiased and impartial
    • 1922, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz:
      "You pretend to be a fair-minded man." "How absurd. How could a man of my position be fair-minded toward you? You might as well speak of a Spaniard being fair-minded toward a piece of steak."
    • 1961 March, “Talking of trains”, in Trains Illustrated, page 135:
      In these circumstances any fair-minded observer must regard the mishap as a stroke of sheer ill-luck.
    • 2014, Walter R. Brooks, Freddy and the Bean Home News, →ISBN:
      I am not a fair-minded woman. It is simply that I dislike being indebted to a—to a pig.