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super- +‎ spreader

Alternative forms[edit]


superspreader (plural superspreaders)

  1. (medicine, epidemiology) A patient responsible for spreading an infection to many other people.
    • 2002, The Responsive Community‎
      That's a real breach of liberty, but suppose he had been an irresponsible superspreader like Typhoid Mary and caused the disease to spin out of control?
    • 2007, Andrew Nikiforuk, Pandemonium, University of Queensland Press, →ISBN:
      Another SARS superspreader took the invader by the hand to Singapore's 1200-bed Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
    • 2010, Richard S. Ostfeld; Felicia Keesing; Valerie T. Eviner, Infectious Disease Ecology, Princeton University Press, →ISBN, page 358:
      Another well-known superspreader was Gaetan Dugas, considered patient zero for the emergence of HIV in North America; he was a promiscuous homosexual with an estimated 250 partners per annum who remained sexually active until he died at thirty-two years of age.
    • 2020 January 24, Denise Grady, “Chicago Woman Is Second Patient in U.S. With Wuhan Coronavirus”, in New York Times[1]:
      A major concern is that with both SARS and MERS, a few patients inexplicably became “superspreaders” who infected huge numbers of other people.

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