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spread +‎ -er


spreader (plural spreaders)

  1. An object or person who spreads.
  2. A spacer or device for keeping two objects apart.
  3. A device used to spread bulk material.
    James put grass seed on the lawn with a seed spreader.
  4. A knife or spatula used to distribute a substance such as butter or jelly.
    Ellen used a spreader to butter her bagel.
  5. (nautical) A horizontal athwartships spar attached to the mast of a sailboat in order to extend the shrouds away from the mast.
  6. A machine for combining and drawing fibers of flax to form a sliver preparatory to spinning.
  7. The moving platform of a container crane.
  8. (computing, slang) A member of a cracking group who distributes warez.