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A parking ticket (sense 1) placed under a car’s windscreen wiper in Oslo, Norway


parking ticket (plural parking tickets)

  1. A legal summons issued for parking a motor vehicle in a place where such parking is restricted, or beyond the time paid for.
    • 2006, House of Commons Transport Committee (United Kingdom), “Memorandum submitted by [Appendix 4]”, in Parking Policy And Enforcement: Seventh Report of Session 2005–06 (HC 748), volume II (Oral and Written Evidence), London: The Stationery Office, →ISBN, page Ev 141:
      It must be recognised that the decriminalised parking ticket system is heavily weighted against the motorist. Just one example should suffice. When a parking ticket is issued, a motorist who believes the ticket was issued incorrectly appeals to the very local authority which issued the parking ticket. Moreover, the local authority and the contractor to whom the local authority sub-contracted the enforcement both have financial interests in the outcome of the appeal.
    • 2008, Louis Camporeale, “Parking Rules Explained”, in The New York City Motorists' Parking Survival Guide: How to Avoid and Deal with Parking Tickets Effectively, Brooklyn, N.Y.: The Parking Pal Company, →ISBN, page 23:
      During Fiscal year 2005, New York City issued nearly 10 million parking tickets, for an estimated value of $800 million (nearly a billion dollars). This incredible amount makes New York City the parking ticket capital of the nation, if not the world.
  2. A small ticket issued as proof of payment for the right to park a motor vehicle.
    • 2009, Jacobs Consultancy [et al.], “Parking Strategies and Supporting Technologies”, in Guidebook for Evaluating Airport Parking Strategies and Supporting Technologies (Airport Cooperative Research Program; report 24), Washington, D.C.: Transportation Research Board, →ISBN, ISSN 1935-9802, page 47:
      Guests staying at least one night at an on-airport hotel are offered free or reduced-rate parking for multiple days. This offer is in addition to the validated parking typically offered guests for each night they stay at the hotel. Typically, hotel staff at the front desk or a concierge will validate a guest's parking ticket.
    • 2012, Howard Lester, More Than My Job's Worth, London: Constable & Robinson, →ISBN:
      The man parked in the supermarket's new car park and bought a ticket at the 'Pay and Display' machine. He then displayed the ticket on the dashboard and went into the shop. However, it turned out that what he believed to be a parking ticket was in fact a voucher for the store. The new parking machines were handing out receipts, tickets and store vouchers whenever someone bought a parking ticket. Others were also left confused by the system.

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