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From Old English scir, from Proto-Germanic *skīrō, *skīzō.



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shire ‎(plural shires)

  1. Former administrative area of Britain; a county.
    Yorkshire is the largest shire in England.
  2. (Britain, colloquial) The general area in which a person lives, used in the context of travel within the UK.
    When are you coming back to the shire?
  3. A rural or outer suburban local government area of Australia.
  4. A shire horse.

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shire ‎(third-person singular simple present shires, present participle shiring, simple past and past participle shired)

  1. To (re)constitute as one or more shires or counties.
    • 1985, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, page 291:
      Although he still managed formally to shire the province in the summer and autumn of 1585, his plan to establish a presidential government and complete the integration of Ulster into English Ireland met with royal indifference.
    • 2012, James Lydon, The Making of Ireland: From Ancient Times to the Present (ISBN 1134981503), page 160:
      The province was shired into nine counties, []
    County Longford was shired in 1586