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Umgang +‎ Sprache


  • IPA(key): /ˈʊmɡaŋsˌʃpʁaːxə/
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Umgangssprache f (genitive Umgangssprache, plural Umgangssprachen)

  1. (linguistics) colloquial language, colloquialism
  2. (linguistics) vernacular, non-standard language


Usage notes[edit]

  • Though there exist relevant differences in pronunciation and vocabulary as well, German Umgangssprache is characterised especially by grammatical and syntactical features, such as the following:
    • the limited use of the preterite or even (in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) its virtual absence;
    • the absence of the subjunctive of the present (Konjunktiv I);
    • the rarity of the genitive case;
    • the splitting of pronominal adverbs (especially in northern and central Germany) and the frequent elision of sentence-initial pronouns (both subject and object).

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