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  • {{verlan form of}}
  • More quotation templates: Temps perdu, Le petit prince, Astérix



  • Add syllabification to {{es-IPA}}
  • {{es-conj}} Fix 2010 spelling changes for verbs like huir


"Which auxiliary do intransitive verbs take? A great many of them take avere; about 300 take essere" (A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian)
(we currently have 76)
  • Run AWB:
    • to fix up verb form links (e.g. puoi).
    • feminine forms cercatore
    • fix L3 derived / related terms
    • move glosses for inflected verb forms into template (ho)
  • Fix nym formatting (1), (2) etc. Automatable?
  • Add missing tenses to Module:it-conj
    • passato prossimo
    • trapassato prossimo
    • condizionale passato
  • Move inflection data into modules for Module:it-conj
  • Show participle in verb head line, similar to {{pt-verb}}
  • Somehow automatically categorize parole (tris-/bis-)sdrucciole / piane / tronche
  • not all parole tronche nouns ares labeled as "invariable" (idoneità)
  • Revisit article and pronoun tables (personal pronouns: done)
  • {{Italian possessive adjectives}}
  • Remove hard-coded conjugation tables (e.g. bufare)
  • Some verb forms in conjugation tables should be marked as archaic, e.g. fare (fo), dovere (dei)
  • Create table with contracted forms (preposition + definite article)
  • Templatize combined/compound forms e.g. farlo, dammi
  • Find + fix missing translations