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List of model pages[edit]

Lemma terms
αγγούρι noun with use of reference template
βαθύς adjective Modern Greek term common with Ancient Greek
απασχολημένος participle
λύνω verb
λύνομαι passive verb
βρέχει impersonal verb
Non-lemma terms
αγγούρια noun form
ανηψιών noun form with two genders
περισσότερος irregular comparative form
βαθύτερος regular comparative form
αγγούρι use of reference template
ακρογωνιαίος a term used (almost) exclusively in an expression
ασκί use of form of
Ἀριθμοί formatting of a polytonic form
μεταφρ. abbreviation
-τερος suffix
μητριά/μητρυιά kath.
αγυιά/ἀγυιά kath
squailer quotation with {{quote-book}}


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