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sextile +‎ -ian


sextilian (plural sextilians), feminine: sextilienne

  1. a 1:6 scale doll or figure, especially an articulated1 one.
  2. a male figure of said scale (when distinguished from female figures), also sextiliano.


sextilian (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to a sextile.
  2. Of 1:6 scale, especially when suited to scale figures.
  3. Pertaining to 1:6 scale male figures (when distinguished from female figures), such as clothing.


  • 1855: William John Thomas et alios, Notes and Queries: A Medium of Inter-Communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, Etc. — Volume Twelfth: July–December, 1855, p472
    …the triad of B (the sextilian ratio) is not on the great thesis or stress of the bar, and is therefore, although ‘quaint’, as orthodox in 1855 as 1755.

Derived terms[edit]

  • Sextilia: n. the realm of playscale miniaturism. [back-formation]
  • sextiliana: n. playscale figure-oriented objects, collectively.
  • sextilianism: n. playscale miniaturism with an emphasis on figures.
  • sextilianist: n. such a miniaturist.
  • sextilianity: n. playscale figures, collectively.
  • sextilianize: v. 1. to create a playscale likeness of (a real person). 2. to [re]create (a movie scene, for example) using standard or customized playscale figures.
  • sextiliano: n. an unambiguous term for a playscale male figure, especially when well-muscled. [from Span. -o, masculine ending]
  • sextilifauna: n. playscale animals, collectively, a.k.a. hectozoa.


Usage notes[edit]